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Trailblazers is a Stan Originals short documentary film that tells the amazing story of the fight for equality by Australia’s female footballers.

In the lead up to the 2024 Paris Olympics, ‘Trailblazers’ celebrates the rise of Australian women’s football, from the early days of paying-to-play in front of small crowds to appearing in sold-out stadiums and being watched by over 11 million people at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the largest recorded viewership in Australian television history.


In order of appearance
Karen Menzies

Cap 30, debut 1983

Teagan Micah

Cap 212, debut 2021

Mary Fowler

Cap 202, debut 2018

Katrina Gorry

Cap 183, debut 2012

Ava Fisher

Junior Player

Renaye Iserief

Cap 26, debut 1983

Leigh Wardell

Cap 11, debut 1979

Heather Reid AM

Pioneer Football Administrator

Tommy Sermanni

National Women’s Team Coach
1994-97 & 2005-12

Melissa Barbieri

Cap 120, debut 2002

Moya Dodd AO

Cap 42, debut 1986

Maggie Murphy

CEO Lewes Football Club, Equality Advocate

Samantha Lewis

Women’s Football Journalist

Tracie McGovern

Cap 102, debut 1997

Julie Dolan AM

Cap 1, debut 1979
First Captain

Kyah Simon

Cap 157, debut 2007

Emily Gielnik

Cap 182, debut 2012

Caitlin Foord

Cap 175, debut 2011

Lydia Williams

Cap 138, debut 2005

Shelley Youman

Cap 95, debut 1996

Kerry Harris

Chair, Women Onside (2023) Women’s Football Advocacy

Steph Catley

Cap 177, debut 2012

Lucy Zelić

Sports Presenter & Journalist

Hayley Raso

Cap 179, debut 2012

Sam Kerr

Cap 168, debut 2009 Current Captain

Laura Brock

Cap 171, debut 2010

Clare Polkinghorne

Cap 140, debut 2006

Alanna Kennedy

Cap 178, debut 2012

Kate Gill

Cap 127, debut 2004 Co-CEO Professional Footballers Australia

Tameka Yallop

Cap 148, debut 2007

Craig Foster AM

Cap 419 Men’s National Team, debut 1996 Sports and Human Rights Advocate

Prof. Simone Fullagar

Griffith University Academic Advisor

Elise Kellond-Knight

Cap 153, debut 2007

Ellie Carpenter

Cap 197, debut 2016

Chloe Logarzo

Cap 188, debut 2013


Maggie Eudes: I’m a footballer, currently playing for Boroondara Eagles FC in the Victorian top league. Back in mid 2020, in the lead up to Australia & New Zealand being announced as co-hosts of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023,I thought how cool would it be to create a piece of work about women’s football. I love the game and I know the struggle of the women who forged that path. I also knew of Maggie Miles’ work so I got in touch.

Maggie Miles: A trusted female friend introduced Maggie E and I, that’s always a good start. I was aware of the Australian women’s football team and could see that the upcoming World Cup was a moment of significance for the broader story of gender equality. I started researching the players and basically thought, I need these women in my life. They’re incredible!

Maggie Eudes: We knew that we wanted to respect the players’ wishes first and foremost, to only make the film if they were interested in having the story told and the response was overwhelmingly supportive. A key reason for support from all participants is our desire to honour the legends of the game, the women on whose shoulders the current team stands.

Maggie Miles: We wanted to celebrate the achievements of women’s football, no matter the result of the Women’s World Cup. Then what happened during the tournament was outstanding for football. It was a testament to the grit and determination of all female players, especially those who paved the way.

By shining a light on Australia’s amazing women footballers and honouring all those who have played for Australia, shaping the women’s game even as they were pulling on their boots, we hope this film will contribute to a broader gender equality story. That’s certainly why past and present players gave so generously of their time in their extraordinarily busy schedules.


Maggie Miles

Writer Producer Director

(High Ground, Guilty, Paper Planes, Dare To Be Different)


Maggie was based in the Northern Territory for twelve-years where she had an award-wining stint as Artistic Director of Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre and wrote critically acclaimed plays BRANDED and WORRY DOLLS.

In 2015 Maggie wrote and directed the documentary DARE TO BE DIFFERENT with a special version produced for ABC Compass. She co-wrote and produced the feature documentary GUILTY, part Good Pitch Australia’s 2016 intake and Adelaide Film Festival’s HIVE Initiative, winner Best Docudrama ATOM 2018.

Maggie was a script editor and producer on HIGH GROUND, 2021 winner Best Film, Film Critics Circle of Australia, Screen Producers Australia and ATOM Awards. Maggie produced feature dramas VAN DIEMEN’S LAND, 2009, THE TURNING, 2013, PAPER PLANES, 2014, and FORCE OF DESTINY, 2015. All these films have premiered and screened at major international festivals including Berlinale, Toronto, Busan and Sitges, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and CinefestOz.

Maggie is an Asia Pacific Screen Awards Academy, Children’s Film Fund recipient for her first dramatic screenplay in collaboration with award-winning children’s author Boori Monty Pryor.

Maggie Miles

Writer Producer Director

(High Ground, Guilty, Paper Planes, Dare To Be Different)

Maggie Eudes

Writer Producer Director

(Between Two Worlds, Egg, Don’t Leave)


Maggie Eudes is an emerging Director and experienced Director of Photography (DOP) based in Melbourne, born and raised in Paris, France.

She has worked in camera departments across a range of Australian television shows including MUSTANGS F.C. (ABC), FIVE BEDROOMS (Channel 10) and HUNGRY GHOSTS (SBS) as well as sports broadcasting for the Australian Open and the World Surf League.

Maggie has been a DOP and creative consultant on a range of short films such as EGGS, UNDEFINED and DON’T LEAVE as well as several music videos for Melbourne music producer Simba Andrews.

Maggie founded and runs the social impact video production company Milestone Films which works with non-profit organisations and government agencies to tell impact driven screen stories across mental health, refugee advocacy, philanthropy and education.

A passion for Football has taken Maggie around the globe as she played at a semi- professional level in France, Spain and Canada before joining the Australian women’s premier league.

Maggie Eudes

Writer Producer Director DOP

(Between Two Worlds, Egg, Don’t Leave)

Sara Edwards


(Gatwick – Last Chance Hotel, Not Quite Hollywood, SUZI Q, Finding the Line)

Lucy Maclaren


(Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears,
People’s Republic of Mallacoota)

Caitriona Fay

Executive Producer

(Managing Partner – Community, Social Investment and ESG, Perpetual)

Kate Gill

Executive Producer

(Co-CEO Professional Footballers Australia, Former Matildas’ captain)

Screen Australia, VicScreen & MECCA M-POWER present ‘TRAILBLAZERS’

A Savage Films, Milestone Films & LM Films production, DOP Maggie Eudes, Editor Sara Edwards

Executive Producers Caitriona Fay & Kate Gill

Producer Lucy Maclaren, Producers-Writers-Directors Maggie Miles & Maggie Eudes


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